District hosts UIL meet


Carol Cox

Brooke Rice, Emily Strenski, Tessa Brooks, and Breanna Howard prepare to write editorials at the invitational UIL meet hosted at Archer City. The journalism team took first place at the meet.

Emily Strenski, Editor-in-chief

Archer City hosted the first UIL practice meet at home Jan. 12. Archer overall took second place, coming in behind Holliday.

“There were 12 schools in all that we competed against,”  UIL coordinator Leslie Graham said. “Holliday is bigger than us, so I was not upset at all that we came in second behind them.”

Senior Jacob Wilhelm, who placed third in computer science and fourth in mathematics, said that he’ll need more practice for the district meet.

“I’m a little surprised at how I did in computer science,” Wilhelm said. “I’d never really done it before. I should definitely practice more for math events though to be prepared.”

I know I can be better, and so I’ll keep practicing until I do my best.”

— junior Tessa Brooks

Freshman Robert Salyers said that he was excited to try new events.

“I didn’t really know anything about accounting,” Salyers, who placed 11th in the event, said. “I was proud of myself though for how I did, and that I didn’t get last.”

Member of the first-place journalism team and junior Tessa Brooks said that she felt she did really well for the first meet of the year.

“I worked really hard up to those points and I think I did pretty good,” Brooks said. “However, I know I can be better, and so I’ll keep practicing until I do my best.”

Finishing fourth place in prose, senior Audrey Schroeder said that she was proud of how she performed.

“I’m pretty happy with how I did at the event because I hadn’t had much time to practice before,” Schroeder said. “Competing with bigger schools was definitely really useful practice for me.”

Mrs. Graham said that she was proud of everyone who came out to compete, and of everyone who helped host the event.

“We had a lot of students come and compete and that was really exciting to see,” Mrs. Graham said. “The first meet is always the hardest, and I heard nothing but positive feedback as a host. It was definitely a group effort to run the meet, and I’m thankful to all who helped.”

Burkburnett UIL Invitational Results:

Ally Warren – 1st Computer Science, 3rd Ready Writing

Emily Strenski – 2nd Copy Editing, 2nd Editorials, 2nd Features, 2nd Ready Writing, 3rd News

Jacob Wilhelm – 2nd Calculator, 4th Computer Science, 5th Number Sense, 5th Science

Clay McCasland – 2nd Computer Science

Coltin Knobloch – 3rd Computer Science, 4th Science

Johnny McNair – 6th Computer Applications

Brooke Rice – 5th Editorials

Camryn Cox – 6th Prose

1st Place Science Team – Coltin Knobloch, Jacob Wilhelm, Ashtyn Moorehead, Rachel Patterson, Harley Anderson, Ashlynn Penny

ACHS UIL Invitational A Results:

Ally Warren – 1st Computer Science, 2nd Ready Writing

Coltin Knobloch – 2nd Computer Science

Jacob Wilhelm – 3rd Computer Science, 4th Mathematics

Emily Strenski – 4th Ready Writing, 1st Features, 3rd News, 3rd Editorials

Tessa Brooks – 2nd Features, 2nd Editorials, 2nd Headlines, 5th Copy Editing

Sara Kyle – 3rd Features, 2nd News, 4th Poetry

John Machtolff – 4th News, 4th Headlines

Grace Nelson – 6th News

Brooke Rice – 6th Editorials

Audrey Schroeder – 4th Prose

1st Place Journalism Team – Tessa Brooks, Breanna Howard, Brooke Rice, John Machtolff, Grace Nelson, Emily Strenski, Sara Kyle

1st Place Computer Science Team – Ally Warren, Coltin Knobloch, Jacob Wilhelm

3rd Place Mathematics Team – Jacob Wilhelm, Blake Dunkel, Ace Reid, Davis Mays, Carter Hilbers

3rd Place Accounting Team – Carter Hilbers, Robert Salyers, Prayze Pierce

Cen-Tex Journalism Invitational Results:

Breanna Howard – 1st Copy Editing

Tessa Brooks – 4th Copy Editing, 10th Editorials, 6th Features

Emily Strenski – 7th Copy Editing, 2nd Features

Grace Nelson – 10th Copy Editing

Sara Kyle – 9th Editorials, 8th Features

John Machtolff – 3rd Headlines, 7th News