A Hard Start, but a New Beginning Rainbow Six Siege


Justin Veiteheimer, News Editor

“Rainbow Six Siege,” which is soon to be on its fourth year running. It is an online tactical shooter which was once the biggest joke of the gaming industry the publishers and game developers,”Ubisoft,” made many promises that were not fulfilled on launch

Season one was terrible  there were terrible graphics for today standards there were many glitches and broken mechanics, but it did introduce iconic characters that would change and stay with the franchise for the remainder of the games life. These characters were grouped into real world organizations and had realistic abilities and weapons. The characters are from elite organizations such as FBI, GIGN, GSGN, SAS, and Spetsnaz.

Finally after TWO YEARS Ubisoft got the message and realized how bad things had gotten. This lead to season two of the game which introduced, “Project Health,” a three month period devoted to fixing bugs and making the game a good experience for the players.

Season two closed with what felt like a brand new game and brought new and old players that didn’t like the game or didn’t like the bugs. These people were introduced with new characters and completely new experience for everyone. The developers were still fixing balancing issues and small and miner bugs with the game.

The game is now starting on season four the game is rumored to have over 100 choose able characters. The game has become a major hit in the gaming community and has many  Major League Gaming Tournaments. This game went from  being the worst to being one  of the best. I would recommend this game now to many players.