Staff desires more electives

Alyssa Alviar, News editor

Although the school has added two new electives (principles of health services and principle of criminal justice,) more electives are needed.

Many benefits come with school electives. They give students the opportunity to express themselves, explore new interests and find out what their true passions are.

  When schools have limited numbers of electives it restricts the students’ ability to enjoy themselves during school because they have courses that don’t interest them.

  School electives give students a way to explore future career options if they are unsure what path or field of work they want to pursue in the future.

The school should offer more career related courses such as medical classes, business, public speaking, Teen leadership, cosmetology, or photography in order for students to have an idea of what they want to do when they get out of high school.

Other fine arts classes like art, theater, choir and dance could be types of classes that students are interested in and help students to be more involved in school.

  More diverse choices of electives will overall benefit the students and the school by giving students a motive to come to school and persuading students to attend our school because of a larger  variety of course choices.

As a district of innovation, our school has the ability to add various electives taught by Knowledgeable people in our community. The school board should explore more opportunities like ones already offered for students.