Powerlifters ready for regional meet


Avery Williams

Chase Stafford squats at the Archer City powerlifting meet. He placed first in his weight division.

Grace Nelson, Photo Editor

The boys and girls powerlifting teams have made improvements this year both individually and as a team Coach Tim Pope

“I’m getting a lot stronger,” freshman Chase Stafford said. “It’s all really fun when you do well and it’s even getting better now that we’re all starting to place.”

Coach Pope said that the biggest differences between this year and last year’s season has been the ability to compete at the team level.

I like to challenge myself to get better all the time.

— Lindy Reid

“We’ve become better as a team,” Coach Pope said. “Now we can compete as a team and win instead of just as individuals.”

He said some of the lifters will have a chance to compete at the regional meet.

“I’m really looking forward to regionals. It’ll be a fun experience,” freshman Maddie Lopez said. “I am nervous because there’s going to be a lot of lifters there, but I just want to do my best and set some personal records.”

Senior Brian De La Rosa said that he’s very happy to spend his last year in powerlifting with his teammates.

“My favorite part about powerlifting is honestly the people,” De La Rosa said. “I liked last year but this year has been awesome and even though I’ve missed most of the meets, I’m going to miss it a lot.”

Junior Lindy Reid said that she has enjoyed powerlifting this year.

“I just really love competing,” Reid said. “I like to challenge myself to get better all the time. It’s all about wanting to set a new personal record every time I lift.”

Coach Pope said he is proud of the work that his lifters have put in this year; he believes that all athletes have gotten stronger and become  better competitors than they were at the beginning.

“They have all proven to themselves that they can do more weight if they push themselves,” Coach Pope said. “They have given themselves confidence and learned to continue pushing to do their best.”

Coach Pope said he is also excited for his lifters that are getting the chance to compete at the  regiona meet.

I expect them to do well,” Coach Pope said. “I expect them to push themselves harder than they have this year. I believe they’ll do their best and set even more personal records. And that’s what it’s all about.”