PALs adds another place for their trip

Brooke Rice, Opinions Editor

The student Peer Assistance and Leadership group volunteered at the Food Bank and Faith Mission yesterday. This year their trip included a couple changes.

PALs sponsor Rhonda Rowe said she was ready for the trip because there are more people to help.

“The Faith Mission and Food Bank trip [had] a couple changes this year,” Ms. Rowe said. “Unlike previous years we split up our PALs between Faith Mission and a refuge for women and children.”

Being a PAL means giving back, so this is just another way for us to offer our service.”

— Senior Tessa Brooks

Senior Blake Dunkel said he enjoys going to the Food Bank and Faith Mission.

“Going to Faith Mission and the Food Bank is a blast,” Dunkel said. “One thing about Faith Mission is the people have cool stories to share.”

Dunkel also said he has more PALs this year than last year because of the increase of students in PreK and Kindergarten.

“This year is different than last year because I get to have three PALees instead of two, which is more fun,” Dunkel said.

Senior Tessa Brooks said she had really looked forward to help the community.

“To be able to serve and provide them with what they need is the best feeling in the world,” Brooks said.

Brooks said she thinks this is what PALs stands for and believes.

“I believe that it is a great way to serve our community,” Brooks said. “Being a PAL means giving back, so this is just another way for us to offer our service.”

Junior Mason Hilbers said he is happy to help others when it’s needed.

“I like being able to help people,” Hilbers said. “I really want to be able to show them that we care about them.”