Busy schedule causes senior to lead FCA

Brooke Rice, Opinions Editor

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is under a new leader because of the split lunches.

Former FCA sponsor Haley Owen said she is too busy to run high school FCA.

“Because of the split lunches, Coach [Mayson] Morris and I cannot be there for FCA,” Mrs. Owen said. “Jack [Herring] is now the leader of high school FCA, and Coach Morris is the leader for junior high.”

Coach Morris said the junior high hasn’t had any meetings yet because of the new split lunches.

“I am sad that we haven’t got to have any meetings this year because of the business of my schedule,” Morris said. “I really hope to start having meetings soon.”

Current FCA leader senior Jack Herring said he wants to adapt to the new change as much as possible.

“The new schedule has messed up FCA a lot for both junior high and high school,” Herring said. “Even though we have less than  10 showing up for FCA weekly, I want to overcome the split lunches and inspire people to come again.”

Herring said only a small number of people come to the weekly meetings, so it’s difficult to plan things.

“I want to plan something for around spring, but we haven’t got anything planned for Christmas-time,” Herring said. “There are only about five attending the meetings, but I hope to leave an impact by the end of the year since I’m a senior.”

Sophomore John Machtolff said he hopes to expand FCA by the end of the year.

“Even though we are lacking faculty to lead us, I think we need to put in more like planning things,” Machtolff said. “I want to carry on what Jack [Herring] started throughout my high school career.”