Basketball girls discuss goals

Rebecca J. Taggart, News Editor

With Volleyball season over, the basketball girls jump right into basketball season.

Even though there are several returning varsity players, the team only has one junior and 2 seniors. This leaves the team with more inexperienced players, but the players and coaches find ways to adjust around this.

“It’s a good and a bad thing.  We have returning players who have stepped up as leaders but we still make youthful decisions at times.” said Coach Amy Huseman, the head girls basketball coach.

Our strengths are that we are very close and look out for each other. ”

— Sophomore Mallory Maxwell

So far the transition  from volleyball to basketball has provided several difficulties for players.

“We just have to get into basketball shape and mindset,” said senior Maggie Coates.

Coach Huseman said conditioning for each sport is different.

“The tempo of the game is also much different. It requires athletes to make decisions both offensively and defensively without the action of the game being stopped for adjustments,” said Coach Huseman.

The girls have a few games under their belt with a record of 9:18. They’re now heading towards the future  and working on strengths and weaknesses of the team.

  “Weaknesses are to not work as an individual, and our strength’s are that we are very close and look out for each other.

Coach Huseman is also intent on improving the team.

  “Our strengths are that we are very interchangeable. We can play with multiple lineups.  We have speed and we have size.  We work well together, and our weaknesses are timing our shots, controlling the tempo of the game in different situations and we are a young team,” said Coach Huseman.

Returning varsity player and senior Maggie Coates says her goals for her final year of basketball is to make it far and improve teamwork.

“I really want to work together,” said Coates

The team has some new faces on the team like Mallory Maxwell.

“It’s really different going from a 4a school to a 2a school, but so far it’s been really fun. I’m excited for what the season has to come,” Maxwell said.

Overall the team has many goals they hope for this season.

“Make the playoffs, gel as a team because we have new young team members, and have fun and play the with passion,” said Coach Huseman.