New courses bring both pros and cons


Students in dual credit English work on an assignment through their chromebooks.

Kadence Huffman, Features Editor

Picking schedules, seniors are faced with decisions that can potentially affect the rest of their lives like something as simple as choosing dual credit or taking an extra class that can aid with future college classes.

A dual credit English course is now being offered which will give students credits for college without having to take an exam as long as they pass the class. In addition, the Earth/Space class has returned after not being available to students last year.

Students say dual credit English has plentiful benefits that make them feel prepared for their future college careers.

“Having the reassurance that this class is manageable for me and that I will eran those credits is relieving,” senior Kodi Graham said, “Although the work still isn’t easy, it is a lot easier than taking the course in college because while I’m here, I know I have help and support if I need it.”

However, Ms. Campbell said that it was extremely difficult for her to step back and hand over the ropes to allow someone else to teach her students although they were still in her classroom. 

“I miss the closeness and the bonds that I and the students formed together,” Ms. Campbell said. “The discussions and special classtime that we shared together is hard to let go.”

She said that she is “extremely disappointed” to lose the seniors and miss the opportunities that the AP English IV class brings to both students and herself.

“The dual credit course has them studying something entirely different than we would normally be studying in our class, “Ms. Campbell said. “Not being able to study Shakespeare with them is tough to accept.”

Although she strongly misses this class, she said that she knows it brings the senior class benefits that they can take with them to college.

“Automatically earning those credits, in most cases,  is much less demanding than having to pass the AP exam in order to earn those credits,” Ms. Campbell said. 

According to students, this leaves them feeling insured. This feeling carries over to the Earth/Space class also.

“Earth/Space is really interesting and Mr. Crowley does a great job of explaining things that he hasn’t personally experienced like things outside of our world,” senior Jack Herring said. “Sometimes it makes me feel small, but I was very excited to have the opportunity to take this class.” 

The Earth/Space Course  return has brought positive feedback from its teacher as well.

“When I was offered the opportunity to resurect this class, I jumped at the opportunity,” Mr. Crowley said. “I was absolutely excited to be teaching this class again because this is one of my favorite senior level courses.” 

Mr. Crowley said that he thought his students missed out on learning the significance of how this course really takes what students already know and rolls it all together to see how the puzzle pieces fit.

“This course doesn’t just rehash what students have learned in each individual course in past years, but also takes further steps and gains depth,” Mr. Crowley said.” It can prepare them for college level course because it teaches how everything in science works together and depends on each other.”

Mr. Crowley said that this course prepares students for their future no matter what they do.

“It gives students ammunition to make intelligent decisions as far as nationally or even globally,” Mr. Crowley said.