JH girls basketball

Emily Shephard, News Editor

OVERALL: Eigth grade girls 3-2, Seventh grade girls 2-1

PREVIOUS GAMES: Eighth McNeil, Seventh Olney

BRIGHT SPOTS: During their game in McNeil a, layup was made that changed the close first half of the game. Two shots were made on the other team’s basket during the same game. Coach Krissa Johnsonsaid she believes one of the bright spots on the team is that they are young and work well together.

INSIDE  SCOOP: Depending on the opponent the teams usually play man-on- man defense and alternate to zone. Coach Johnson said that shooting is an issue that needs to be worked on but their dribbling has definitly improved.

We really don’t pass the ball that much. We don’t do plays that much either.”

— eighth grader Abby Havens

WEAKNESS: “We really don’t pass the ball that much,” eighth grader Abby Havens said. “We don’t do plays that much either.” 

STRENGTH: “This year we definitly have better teamwork skills,” eighth grader Emma Lee Gray said. “We are really fast this year and can keep up with our opponents.”