Freshman praises music of Elvis Presley, king of rock


Freshman Kelsey Aultman listens to music while working.

Kelsey Aultman, Features Editor

Everyone has a favorite artist or musician and for a reason. It could be the specific genre that a person usually listens to or the way that artist’s music makes people feel. I listen to multiple different genres, and with that, multiple different artists that each impact me in a specific way; however, I cannot compare these other musicians to Elvis Presley and his music.

I first began actually listening and enjoying Elvis Presley’s music about a year ago, and his music instantly peaked my interest.

First of all, he matches his voice with the song’s mood. A slower song equals a lower, more sultry tone of voice. A faster song equals a bouncier, lighter tone of voice.

I also enjoy how Elvis’ music is almost textural. His voice and the instrumentals mix in such a way that they can create different visuals, such as two people in love in ’Love me Tender’ or  a loud energetic atmosphere in  ‘Jailhouse Rock.’

Elvis’ music introduced me into the 50s and 60s music genre. I think this is important because I feel like I am taking a look into that era. I can imagine the characteristics of that era, and I feel like I’m able to understand that period of time.

Elvis Presley is an iconic musician who has undoubtedly inspired many other artists. His style, lyrics, and ability to alter his voice to the tone of the song is what makes him such a great artist. For these reasons, he is and will always be known as The King. Elvis said: “He never expected to be somebody important.” But he has become one of the most well known musicians of the 20th century, and this truly inspires me. After all of his success, the fact that he was able to become something he had never even dreamed about makes him my favorite artist.