Council to ‘Buddy’ up halls for December

Candace Taggart., Features Editor

During the week of Dec. 2 the hiding and hunting of Buddy the Elf began and will last approximately three weeks up until Christmas Break.

Buddy The Elf is a paper cut out of a Christmas elf that is hidden around the school for students to find to receive prizes. This activity is sponsored by the Student Council.

“I think kids like the hunting of it,” Student Council sponsor LeeAnne Warren  said.   

Sophomore Hilton Murphy said he enjoyed the activity.

“It was fun because it was easy for me,” Murphy said.

Student Council member Luke Haehn said he enjoys doing Buddy the Elf.

“It is a fun way to spread Christmas joy around the school,” Haehn said.

It is a fun way to spread Christmas joy around the school.”

— Junior Luke Haehn

Although it is supposed to be a challenge, Mrs. Warren said the new building proposes problems.

“It was harder to find Buddy in the old building,” she said.

According to Mrs. Warren, students can choose their prizes. Some past prizes consist of cash or gift certificates.

“I got $10,” Murphy said.

Student Council prepares for Buddy the Elf by deciding on prizes, copying Buddy, and finding a good hiding place.

“Hiding is the hardest part,” Mrs. Warren said. “Sometimes I have to come to the school late at night just to hide Buddy.”

Haehn said he participates in setting up Buddy.

“I come up with good hiding places,” Haehn said.

Mrs. Warren said she thinks Student Council enjoys this particular event.

“He’s always on the list of activities,” Mrs. Warren said. “We’ve been hiding him for five or six years.”

Mrs. Warren said she enjoys Buddy the Elf, but it does come with some issues.

“Some people get irate or pushy about clues,” Mrs. Warren said.

Murphy said it is a good way of getting students in the holiday spirit.

“It actually encourages kids to do something at school,” Murphy said.