FCCLA elects 2019-2020 officers


Donette Odom

FCCLA officers Kodi Graham, Morgan Essary, Jamal Bogar, Prayze Pierce, Johnny McNair, Logan Kellar, Robert Salyers, Emily Salyers, Jaxton Barret, Layne Briggs, and Brady Bracey are excited about their new positions.

Fallon Ryan Blair, Entertainment Editor

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America have elected their 2019-2020 officers.

The results are the following: Co-presidents–seniors Kodi Graham and Morgan Essary, Vice President– junior Emily Salyers, Supervisor of Finance– sophomore Robert Salyers, Supervisor of Fundraisers–sophomore Johnny McNair, Supervisor of Projects and Achievement– sophomore Logan Kellar, Supervisor of Records– sophomore Jamal Bogar, Supervisor of Public Relations– sophomore Prayze Pierce, Supervisor of Membership and Attendance– sophomore Brady Bracey, Sergeant at Arms– juniors Jaxton Barrett and Layne Briggs.

The new officers said they feel “ready” to  fulfill their newfound duties.

“I am in charge of organizing and managing fundraisers,” McNair said. “I am excited to help improve the community with like-minded people.”

Officers are “necessary” to keep things running “properly” for FCCLA.

“Without officers, all of the work would go to the presidents, creating total chaos,” Bogar said. “My job is to take notes during meeting that we can look back on for later use.”

FCCLA sponsor Donette Odom is “optimistic” about this year’s  officers.

“I have a good group of kids this year,” Ms. Odom said. “They are hard-working and coming up with great ideas for future events.”

FCCLA also coordinated with florist and former FCCLA member Denver Barnett of Sincerely Yours  to hold a poinsettia fundraiser in November.