New career fair hopes to inspire


The school listens to a presentation made by the Keynote Speaker

Rebecca J. Taggart, News Editor

For the first time, our school held a career

fair featuring 54 speakers with 25 of those being alumni. Students had many mixed feelings about the career fair, but we as a staff believe that it was a great and educational experience for students.

Students were offered a variety of career options. Because the schedules were based on students’ preferences, most were able to listen to people with careers of their interest. This is a big inside look at what might possibly be the students’ futures. Also,  students who are unsure about their future were able to receive a new insight about careers they may have never thought about before.

Another reason the career fair was an informational and impactful event was that over half of the speakers were alumni or correlated with our very own school. This gave students the inspiration that although they are from a small school, they can do great things. When the speakers mentioned their time at school, many students were able to relate to them, igniting the spark that the future is not as unreachable as they think.

The career fair should continue  each year because for most students their future is very close and having connections makes starting off easier. All students were sent an e-mail with contact informatio for  all of the speakers.

Most of the dislikes with the career fair were that students didn’t like their schedules. This could be fixed by providing students with schedules earlier so they can have time to make changes if there are any complaints.

Overall, the benefits outweigh the cons, meaning the career fair should definitely come back next year