JH Boys’ Basketball

Gunner Smith, Sports Editor

OVERALL: Eighth grade is 3-0. Seventh grade is 1-2.

LAST WEEK: Both teams played Electra. The eighth grade team won. The seventh grade team lost .

PREVIOUS GAMES:  Olney was a great win for the eighth graders. “Olney is our second best competition so it was a good win,” eighth grader Kline Mayo said.

The first game was disappointing according to seventh grader Kellar Crow, “The game didn’t go well like we hoped.” Crow said. “But we can work harder to learn our plays.”

INSIDE  SCOOP: “More of us should stay after school and practice,” said Mayo. A few players often stay in the gym after practice to shoot. “I like basketball because it is a sport you can work on by yourself.”

“I like the good feeling I get after scoring a basket.”

WEAKNESS: “We need to work on passing and our team chemistry,” said Mayo.

Crow’s team has some similar problems. “Our teamwork could be better,” said Crow.

STRENGTH: Most dominant players are tall and the eighth graders don’t lack height. “Our biggest strength is our height,” Mayo said, “We really use it to our advantage, and we should be dominant throughout the whole season.”

The seventh graders have a different strength. “Confidence is what we have the most of.” Crow said.