Meme creators earn punishment

Brooke Rice, Opinions editor

Recently, four meme pages directed at Archer City high school students on Instagram have been made, but the creators behind them have been caught with an accusation of cyber bullying. Since the accounts were anonymous, it was hard to discover the people who devised them.

Although the memes were created in innocence and fun, they soon spiraled out of control and became harmful to not only the victims but the people posting. Obviously, the creators of these pages didn’t think through the consequences of their actions. Now we have a stricter phone policy, which  limits students’ freedom to be on their phones during spare class time when they were normally allowed.

When the students, who were responsible for the cyber bullying incident, were finally caught, a sense of relief came over many students, especially the victims of the memes because that ended the toxic posts. Cyber bullying is a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the situation. The students who are accused of creating these pages were lucky to receive punishment by the school rather than law enforcement.

The pages were not worth it in the long-run because of the punishments after. The small bit of enjoyment backfired with breaking the school policy and state law.