PALs enjoy annual Valentine’s Day game

Brooke Rice, Opinions Editor

The Peer Assistance and Leadership group participated in their annual valentine secret admirer game that started  Jan. 22. In the event, students drew names for their admirer and then gave weekly gifts to an assigned person.

Although this game requires only a budget of $2, PALs sponsor Rhonda Rowe said she wants her students to focus on the true importance.

“I am glad that the PALs are so excited for this,” Ms. Rowe said. “I want them to understand that this is about doing something nice for someone more than the money spent.”

The Valentine’s Day tradition also spreads the message of giving to others over receiving. Senior Vanessa Rater said doing this gives her joy to give.

The admirer game is very fun, and I like to make people’s day with the gifts.”

— junior Luke Haehn

“I like giving gifts and thinking of thoughtful things like treats and cards to make it unique,” Rater said. “It makes me happy when [the student] sees my gift.”

Some PALs try to include gifts that are special to their assigned PAL. Junior Luke Haehn said he wants to make his gift cowboy-themed for his assigned student.

“The admirer game is very fun, and I like to make people’s day with the gifts,” Haehn said. “I like making the gifts special to what the person likes or their lifestyle.”

Senior Alyssa Casillas said she is excited to find out the admirers and to have the party on Feb. 13.

“I like seeing the faces of [other PALs] finding out their secret admirers at the party and the final gifts,” Casillas said.