Student reviews the cons of dating during high school

Emily Shephard, News Editor

From a young age little girls have been shown what some may call a “fairy-tale ending.” This type of advertising has led many to believe that being in a relationship is an amazing thing to happen. While that may be true to some, the reality is harsher than one might think. That is why it is better to stay single in high school than to be in a relationship.

High school heartbreak is something that people who stay single are lucky enough to avoid. Heartbreak can ruin a person for months on end and cause them to lose focus on school work. Losing focus or interest can cause bad grades, and in sports the loss of focus can cause a multitude of issues depending on what sports season it is. 

Aside from heartbreak, relationships take a lot of time out of people’s schedules. If someone is into a lot of extracurricular activities, scheduling a relationship around a busy schedule is taxing. The stress and worry of losing a relationship over personal extracurricular activities is daunting when added on to the stress of a busy schedule. From personal experience I felt that it was up to me to make room in the relationship for time alone, but the stress it caused was awful.

Focusing on yourself is a luxury people who stay single during high school get to do. Being able to relax and have your own “me times” is a stress reliever. It is also easier for a person to go out with their friends and not have to worry about what their significant other is doing. Being able to sit back and relax after all the taxing work of high school is a breath of fresh air.

Staying single during high school is easier than a relationship. That is why, in my personal opinion, it is easier to stay single during high school instead of trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of a relationship.