Dating: Students compare pro, cons of relationships for dating

Jill Liles, Sports Editor

In high school there is things that every teenager looks forward to: sports, clubs and most of all dating. High school and dating are probably one of the most popular topics around. I think dating in high school is a great idea, especially for life outside of high school. 

Dating  in high school to some students is the most important part of their lives. Others don’t mind being single and independent. Having a boyfriend in high school has it’s many ups and downs.

Some of the  positives parts to dating include having  someone there to talk to all the time, learning healthy relationship skills and finding out who you really are. Having a boyfreind most often means he is one of your closest friends  and can be trusted. Dating as a teenager means you can carry what you have learned into life after high school. Like what is healthy in a relationship and what is toxic . With experience from a high school relationship, you can learn who you really are and what you are meant to do.

Although high school relationships can have a positive effect, they also can have a negative effect. If you only talk to your boyfriend and push all of your friends away, you are left with no one to talk to if the relationship ends. High school dating is all just practice for the real world. If you are too invested with, your high school fling, you can lose sight of what’s really important. If you have a toxic relationship in high school you may find that normal in life after  that and end up being on a bad position.

  High school dating can have its positive and negative effects, I believe that it is important to branch out and date in high school. To not only prepare for life after but also to interact with others .