Tik Tok app takes over social media

Jill Liles, Sport Editor

A new app called Tik Tok has recently taken over the world. This app allows you to make music videos all with the click of a button. You can dance, sing or act on the Tik Tok app. However most popular users on Tik Tok danced their way to the top.

Charli  Damelio is one of Tik Tok’s most famous users due to her incredible dancing skills. She started at a young age doing competitive dance and later shared her talents on Tik Tok where she is now a big part of the app.

Tik Tok is not only for dancing; you can also do acting or lip syncing. Loren Gray is at the top of the charts for lip syncing to famous songs, lines in movies and much more.

Tik Tok is not just for teenagers to dance. It is also a great way to advertise for a business. Nike, Grub Hub, Fenty Beauty and many more popular brands are advertised all over Tik Tok. Some brands even hire a popular Tik Toker to promote their business by wearing their brand.

  The thing about Tik Tok popularity is anyone can become famous just from one video. From your best friend to your mom, anyone can gain fame from this app because the videos are posted for everyone to see.

Living as a famous Tik Toker can be fun, but it is not as glamorous as you may think. Just as any other form of social media there are people who leave mean and cruel comments to hurt other people’s feelings and bring them down.

Tik Tok popularity can make or break people. Some people are so obsessed by becoming famous they lose sight of  what’s in front of them and the people who actually care for them. People who actually are famous may let the fame get to them and act like a completely different person.       

In the end Tik Tok has become a major part of the generation and continues to get more popular with time. Tik Tok popularity seems to be on every teens bucket list. So next time you get on Tik Tok,  don’t be suprised if you see someone you know.