JH Boys Basketball

Gunner Smith, Sports Editor

OVERALL: Eighth grade is 11-2. Seventh grade is 2-10.

LAST WEEK: Both teams played Electra. The seventh graders lost. The eighth graders won.

PREVIOUS GAMES: The mixed team played Petrolia and won. The eighth graders went up against Graford and lost by 5 points.

INSIDE  SCOOP: Noticing a few problems with the team, seventh grader Sam Machtolff said he wants to find a solution. “Communication and being more aggressive are some things we need to work on,” Machtolff said, “We gain aggression throughout the game. Listening to coaches and teammates is something we lack.”

STRENGTH: “The team can work well together when we pay attention.” Machtolff said. “We hustle and try our best.”

Eighth grader Bonner Hand said the teams defense is great. “We can get turnovers easily because we’re good at getting steals.” Hand said.

WEAKNESS: Despite the strengths of the teams, there are a few things they can work on according to Machtolff. “When members of the team don’t hustle it brings the rest down. There’s a reason it’s called a team.” Machtolff said.

Hand also had a few problems that needed attention. “We have trouble learning plays and remembering them in games,” Hand said, “Also our ball handling causes a lot of turnovers.”