Student Council sells suckers to raise money

Candace Taggart., Features Editor

To raise money Student Council members are selling Blow Pops through Valentine’s Day.

Blow pops are 25 cents a piece and students are given a heart to write a love note on that can be posted.

The money raised from selling lollipops is the Student Council’s operating money.

“Last year’s funds paid for the postage for Stockings for Soldiers,” Student Council sponsor LeeAnne Warren said.

Student Council member Cherith Meek said she thinks the funds are being well-used.

“We get to do more projects and events like the talent show,” Meek said.

Freshman Sara Schroeder said she enjoys buying the Blow Pops each year.

“It gets people in a loving and giving mood,” Schroeder said.

Meek said it is helpful for many students.

“A lot of students don’t want to go out and buy candy,” Meek said. “They can just got to Mrs. Warren and get some cheaper.”