Homework load affects students

Emily Shephard, News Editor

Students go through multiple emotions a day. One of the most common emotions is stress and that emotion is multiplied by a significant amount by homework, school and some classes.

Homework, among other things, can cause severe stress for students that are in many extracurricular activities such as athletics, band, clubs and UIL. Students usually can’t wait to get home so they can unwind and relax, but with the overwhelming amount of homework that some students acquire, it can be rather daunting for them.

Some students do not get out of school at the allotted time of 3:37 but get out two or three hours later. This could also quite possibly lead to students procrastinating about doing their homework.

The fact that homework takes so long increases the likelihood of students procrastinating, sleep deprivation can result from students putting off their homework until midnight. When someone does not get an adequate amount of sleep, it causes delayed response times, less focus and to be more moody and closed off from their peers.

School in general can be a stressful environment for many students, and when students are faced with the challenge of complicated homework it multiplies. Sometimes students are not able to complete their homework during class because they do not understand it. When students try to get the teacher’s attention to come help them, the teacher’s attention could be focused on something else. This results in the students believing that it is meaningless to try and get help on their homework.

Sixth period is supposed to be used as a way for students to get their homework done, but the distracting environment of the auditorium does not allow students to do their homework. An argument for this could be that people are not focusing on doing their work but it is quite the opposite. Other students could also be distracting those that need a quiet environment for them to focus.

Homework causes difficulty for multiple students around campus. From sleep deprivation to procrastination it is important for others to understand the weight that homework has on a multitude of students around campus.