Students request more than water permitted in school

Kelsey Aultman, Features Editor

Students are often reprimanded for having any drinks other than water in classes. This has caused controversy among the student body.

The school board should consider allowing drinks other than water in clear bottles.

There’s a possibility that students might spill their drink in class and it will damage the carpet. It is true that water will cause less, if any, damage to the carpet. The simple solution to this problem is to ensure that any container brought into the class room has a lid. As highschoolers, it should be expected that a drink would not spill, especially with a lid.

It could be a risk to allow drinks that aren’t transparent  because there’s a possibility that there are prohibited contents in the bottles; however that is the purpose of the clear bottles. A student would not bring anything like alcohol in a clear water bottle because ot would be obvious.

It’s normal for students to bring a soda to lunch. It would be easy to slip something into a bottle at lunch where the students are not closely monitered.  If they are allowed to bring something like a bottle of soda to lunch, then they should be allowed to bring

While there is a possibility that there could be illegal substances in these water bottles, any clear liquid could also contain something like alcohol. Only allowing clear liquids is not solving any problem. It may even make it worse because no one would suspect anything bad to be in a waterbottle if it was clear because it would look like water.

The school should change the rule and allow drinks other than water.