COVID-19 Affects Society

Gunner Smith, Sports Editor

        COVID-19 has affected over 400,000 people in the United States alone according to The New York Times. This number is increasing rapidly every day. The people of the U.S that aren’t infected have been affected by the virus as well.

The working citizens have been hit hard by the virus. People are getting laid off because their companies can’t financially support them. It is even harder to find a job because of the virus. Some companies are still hiring such as, Amazon, UPS, other delivery services, and even some grocery stores.

        Grocery shopping is very difficult. Many people are over stocking their house with supplies. This makes others be unable to get essential items. This has been especially the case on toilet paper. 

        Toilet paper is very hard to find in these trying times. The best way to get items is to get to the stores early while the new stock is still there. However, toilet paper is not as important as food and water. If people would be considerate toward others and only buy what they need, there would be enough supplies to go around. 

        Staying safe and protected in public is a must to stay safe from the virus. Wearing a mask works only if hands are washed thoroughly and frequently. Not touching surfaces as much as possible helps. The virus can survive up to five days on stainless steel. 

        This new virus could change the way we live our everyday life after the solution is found. The handshake might be replaced with an elbow bump. More people might stay home to stay safe from any other viruses. This virus could even last longer than expected. 

        The best way to stop this virus is to stop the spread. If people stay home as much as possible, stay healthy, and don’t hoard supplies everyone will benefit.