OAP moves onto bidistrict if it is scheduled


The OAP cast and crew accept their plaque to advance

Candace Taggart., Features Editor

The high school one-act play group placed third at district competition March 3 and is moving onto bi-district, which is not currently scheduled and might be cancelled due to COVID-19. They performed the play “Bad Seed” by Maxwell Anderson. 

“Advancing to bi-district was wonderful,” Director Becky Nogle said. 

Freshman Camryn Cox, who played the main character Rhoda, was awarded Outstanding Performer, the highest acting award, along with Claire Pham from Olney. 

“I wasn’t expecting it at all, but it is rewarding,” Cox said. 

 Freshman Kelsey Aultman played Rhoda’s concerned mother Christine and said she was excited when she was named to the All Star Cast. 

“It’s one thing to get that award in junior high,” Aultman said, “but when you’re up against upperclassmen who have more experience and you’re a freshman, it’s a big accomplishment.”  

Freshman Kadence Huffman, who was the criminologist Reginald Tasker, was on the Honorable Mentions list. 

“I was honestly really surprised because this was my first year playing an opposite gender role,” Huffman said. “I had a lot of trouble figuring out my character, but in the end I got it.” 

OAP has given me so many fond and funny memories I can look back on.”

— Maggie Coates

The OAP cast and crew accept their plaque to advance

Senior Maggie Coates said it was “so fulfilling” to advance to bi-district. 

“When they announced our play as an advancing play, the emotion was indescribable,” Coates said. “We had not advanced in any of the years that I have been in high school, and we were so excited.” 

Senior Morgan Essary has been a part of OAP for all of high school.

“One-act play has had such an amazing impact on my life and it has helped me grow as a person,” Essary said. “Competition being postponed really hurts my heart because one-act play is everything to me.” 

Mrs. Nogle said that it is “heartbreaking” what all students and especially the seniors are going through due to COVID-19. 

  “If we get any inkling that we might get to perform in another contest in May, then we will have to hustle to get back into the rehearsal process,” she said. “Hopefully, we will bring our performance to an even better level than before.”

Coates said she hopes they can create more memories this year if competition isn’t cancelled.

“I will be disappointed if bi-district doesn’t happen,” Coates said. “OAP has given me so many fond and funny memories I can look back on.”