New FFA sponsor expands program with projects


Abby Esquibel

FFA Sponsor Tyler Moore helping sophomore Faith Morris.

Rebecca J. Taggart, News Editor

The Future Farmers of America have Tyler Moore as their new sponsor.
Moore is already adjusting to the school and students.
“Archer has been good so far,” he said. “Everyone has been very friendly and helpful.”
Moore has several plans, projects, and new things for this year.
“I plan to have several leadership teams trained for our district contest on Nov. 11,” he said. “I also want to expand the show team by finding new interests for new students who otherwise would not be a part of the program.”
FFA secretary Faith Morris said Moore also had ideas for the county show.
“He is making sure everybody gets the opportunity to do projects for the county show this year,” Morris said.
The returning members of FFA have had to adapt to Moore’s way of leading the program.
“Members are having to adjust to things because he is adding more structure,“ FFA reporter Mason Gilmore said.
FFA president Delaini Hanna said she’s excited for the new opportunities, but knows it’s going to be more work.
“It’s definitely different,” Hanna said, “and for the people who are actually going to participate, we are definitely going to have to put more time and effort in than we ever have.”
Morris said she is glad that everybody has to put in more effort.

I like that everybody is more involved.

— Sophomore Faith Morris

FFA has already done projects for the school.
“We have set poles at the elementary for a new volleyball net, and we are in the process of fixing a plug in the old gym,” Moore said.
Moore said he is excited about the future opportunities.
“I am looking forward to the major stock shows and our judging contests.” Moore said.
Morris said she is enjoying planning events.
“In our meetings, we’ve been talking about fundraisers like selling meat sticks and maybe candy,” Morris said.
All in all, the FFA club has seen modifications and Moore said he wants to see some more in the future.
“Its a change, but its a good change.” Gilmore said.