Masks build controversy

Emily Shephard, Feature Spread Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a multitude of problems, but one that is highly debatable is the requirement of masks. For most businesses in Texas, masks or face coverings are required upon entry into the building. However,our school is issuing masks as only a suggestion. That is why I believe face coverings should not be an option but a requirement.
By not making face coverings a requirement gives students, who may have traveled out of state or even out of the county, the option to not wear a mask. This is dangerous because it can result in a student, who may have unknowingly contracted the virus, sprading it to other students. This results in the liklihood of more than one student becoming infected. By having masks optional for teachers as well, it can also result in further contamination if that teacher has also unknowingly contracted the virus.
Making face coverings a requirement will also get students into the habit of wearing a mask every day. This can help further stop the spread of COVID-19 as a whole. The CDC has also suggested that schools make face coverings a requirement, therefore, by wearing a mask everywhere, students also are keeping themselves safer as well.
Students can also feel pressured by their peers into not wearing masks. One quick comment is enough to make a student feel embarrassed for wearing a mask on a daily basis around school. By enforcing masks this eliminates the issue of peer pressure and embarrassment. This may seem like a silly argument, but students are being teased for choosing to wear their masks around school.
The overall safety of the students and teachers should be the top priority of the school. Therefore, enforcing masks as a requirement will not only improve the safety of ACISD, but help stop the spread of COVID-19.