Band receives excellent rating


Carol Cox

The Prowlin’ Growlin’ Wildcat Band marches “Independence” in their 1776 show.

Brooke Rice, Editor-in-chief

As the Prowlin’ Growlin’ Wildcat Band closed out their marching season with an excellent rating at contest Nov. 14, the group looks to prepare for concert season and possibly a fundraiser.
Also, junior Brooke Rice auditioned all-region band Dec. 7-8 as she was awarded third for the all-district band against six other players.
Band director Karen Brunker said COVID-19 was a “huge” obstacle, but the band was “flexible.”
“I am super proud of how our band handled short-notice changes and such with COVID-19 to prepare for contest,” Brunker said.
Brunker said the band performed the “best” show the band had all season.
“Although I believe the wind was an difficult challenge for us, I think they took it out there and killed it,” Brunker said. “When I heard the first note and the initial visual, I knew that it was going to be a good day and a great performance.”
Junior drum major Chance Harmon said the judging “disappointed” him, but the band should keep their heads high.
“I think the judges’ opinions were a bit biased, considering they were from various areas outside our area, including New Jersey,” Harmon said. “Even though I think we were judged more harshly because of that, I believe the band did a great job and will stay optimistic for concert season.”

When I heard the first note and the initial visual, I knew that it was going to be a good day and a great performance.”

— Karen Brunker

Freshman Chase Curry said he learned a lot from going to contest for the first time.
“I liked the performance but not waiting,” Curry said. “I want to improve in my marching and playing for next contest and concert band.”
Junior Olivia Vogtsberger said she is proud of the band and is grateful for the group of leaders.
“I am glad our group this year is more focused and better because it made this season more special,” Vogtsberger said. “I will miss the experience of advancing, but would like to tell the sophomores, who are continuing band, to come to the Monday night rehearsals and practice the music seriously.”
Freshman Louren Connor said the band did really well, but there are specific sections they could still work on.
“I gave my all and the rest of the band did too, so it was sad we got a two, but I hope to advance and get a one our next go-around,” Connor said.
Sophomore Abby Esquibel said she felt like the band is more focused this year than in previous years.
“This year, we worked harder and were more motivated to get that one,” Esquibel said. “I hope we work harder to get that one next advancing season.”