Let the games begin

Students share their experience since dove, deer seasons open


Courtesy photo

Junior Gunner Smith poses with his kill on the first day of rifle season last November

Brynlee Skelton, Sports Editor

The crisp breeze has settled in. The melody of grass rustling accompanied with sound of different animals. Hunting season has officially started.
Dove season has already began, with deer and turkey season coming around the corner.
Sophomore Katelyn Casillas said she likes to dove hunt because it’s a good past time.
“I really enjoy dove hunting because it’s a fun way to spend my time,” Casillas said. “I think that it’s exciting to go and it’s a fun experience for me.”
Senior Gage Gillispie deer hunts.
“I like hunting, especially deer because it’s exciting and you never know what can happen” Gillispie said.
Junior Gunner Smith said that the best time to hunt deer is when the sun is rising, or when the sun is setting.
“I’d say that the best times to go hunting are early morning or late in the evening,” Smith said. “Deer are nocturnal so they are normally out when it’s darker outside.”
Casillas said she goes early in the morning.
“We get up at like 4:30 in the morning to go out and hunt,” Casillas said. “Dove are more active early in the morning, so that’s when we normally go.”

“I like spending time with my dad and sister. It’s never boring and we have a good time. And in the end, I’m grateful for the experience.”

— sophomore Katelyn Casillas

Besides getting up early and staying out late, dedication and patience are also needed when hunting said Casillas.
“When I go, I normally stay out for two hours or so,” Gillispie said. “Sometimes three, it really depends on how late I go out since deer are active mostly at sunset.”
Smith says that he sits in his stand for three to four hours.
“In the mornings, I typically sit in the stand for about four hours,” Smith said. “Where in the evenings I sit closer to three hours.”
Having company while waiting is also important to Casillas and Smith, they said it can be a bonding experience while also making the time go by faster.
“I like hunting with my dad,” Smith said. “It’s a good bonding experience for us and we get to talk a lot.”
Casillas also said that she likes having company while she hunts.
“I like to go with my dad and sister,” Casillas said. “It’s always fun and we bond a lot. It also makes the time go by a lot quicker.”
Gillispie’s opinion on having company differs from Casillas’ and Smith’s.
“I like to hunt alone, so I don’t have any distractions,” Gillispie said.
Casillas believes that it’s okay when the hunt doesn’t end in favor
“Even when we don’t get much, it’s always fun,” Casillas said. “I like spending time with my dad and sister. It’s never boring and we have a good time. And in the end, I’m grateful for the experience.”