Principals council has first meeting

Emily Shephard, Co- Editor

Principal John Sherrill has chosen Members for his Principal’s Council this year. The officers are as follows: Chase Curry, Kadence Huffman, Breden Hulse, Kori Keeter, Jillian Liles, Cherith Meek, Estefani Zea Monroy, Prayze Pierce, Brooke Rice, Gunner Smith, Emily Shephard, Candace Taggart, Gideon Towner, Olivia Vogtsberger and Cy Wooldridge.

I like to have a voice between policy and the students of this school”

— John Sherrill

,” Sherrill said. “All of the members represent strong leaders of our community, so I really wanted to give them a voice.”
Sherrill has had a Principal’s Council at every school he has attended.
“This is only the second year that we have had a council,” Sherrill said. “These student’s have the opportunity the share their voice in the community.” Each member is chosen by an organization they represent in the school.
“It is a great honor to be chosen again this year,” Liles said, “I’m excited to bring some new topics up in meetings.”
Members of the council can bring forth propositions to discuss. Members also have an option to become a facilitator of meetings.
“I want to become a facilitator because many students have come to me with problems or issues,” Meek said. “I believe that Principal’s Council can solve many of those problems.”
The council has not decided any concrete plans for this year, but intends to meet once every month.
“Later in the year, we plan to take a trip to a college,” Sherrill said. “There are no concrete plans yet, but we’re excited for what’s to come.”