Students discuss the dangers of trick-or-treating

Kimberly Geer, Reporter

Halloween is a time of tricks and treats. However, some question the safety of trick or treating around this time of the year.
Children left unattended without a parent or guardian could result in a tragic state of affairs.
“Kids don’t understand what’s going on in their surroundings.” seventh grader Allison Feilds said, “There is a higher chance of something bad happening if children are left unattended.”
Seventh grader Ian Graves said one of his friends had a bad experience while trick or treating one year.
“A friend of mine went trick or treating a while back and he got a full sized Hershey chocolate bar,” Graves said. “He noticed that the wrapper was a little torn but he ate it anyways. A while later he started to not feel good so his mom took him to the hospital and they found out that the chocolate bar had marijuana in it, the guy who gave it to him was arrested a while later.”
There are ways to avoid situations like these. Eighth grader Tillee Bardwell suggests not eating your candy immedietly
“Let parents check your candy because people still do stupid things to cause kids harm,” she said. “some safety precautions commonly used include: checking candy before you eat any, staying with a parent or guardian at all times and knowing your surroundings.”

It is important that you go trick or treating only with people you can trust or are really close with.”

— Steven Zea Monroy

Language arts and reading teacher Haley Owen, having two young kids of her own, said she takes caution when taking her children trick or treating every year.
“We only go as a family, not with any other groups or people,” she said. “I always walk up to the door with my children. They never go alone to someone’s door.”
Bardwell said she had an experience on Halloween that motivates her to always follow safety precautions.
“I was trick or treating with my mom last year and a guy started following us in his car,” she said. “We tried to see if he was actually following us by making various random turns but he was still behind us so we went into a store. He parked across the parking lot from us. When we came out of the store, he was still parked in that same place so we went home as soon as we could.”
The people teens or children go trick or treating with can also influence how their night goes.
“It is important that you go trick or treating only with people you can trust or are really close with.” Eighth grader Steven Zea Monroy said,
Some who practice this precaution agree that it is safer to be with people you trust then with people you aren’t too familiar with.
“Knowing the people you are with is an excellent precaution to ensure everyones safety if you are older and want to go hang out with friends on Halloween.” she said. “It is extremely important, for your safety and for others, that you take caution while going out on Halloween. Stay safe and have a happy Halloween!” Freshman Leona Walker said.