Senior debates advantages, disadvantages of switching dual-credit students from Vernon College to Angelo State University

Brooke Rice, Co-Editor

Switching from Vernon College to Angelo State University has its benefits such as an easier workload and as well as some downsides including difficulty navigating the new program, even after taking the course for roughly 10 weeks. The layout of the new site, Blackboard, is not as straightforward as Canvas, which was used while taking the Vernon college classes. Overall, moving from Vernon College to ASU was a good change and allows students to understand concepts better and learn efficiently.
A disadvantage to Blackboard is finding specific things through classes. Getting to the classes is simple, but when it comes to searching for assignments and due dates, it is hard to see what is due, especially with several teachers assigning work in different ways at various times. Also, our calendar for all of our courses is unlike Vernon College. Again, teachers give students projects in multiple ways, which also means a lot of work due does not get placed onto the calendar. This caused confusion when we first started the class. However, getting used to the website has helped our knowledge of getting class work and keeping up with our courses.
In spite of the navigation issues, like Vernon, ASU has an application for Blackboard to support students’ active life outside of school. In fact, on the app’s description, it was made for students to “quickly view updates to courses and content.” With just a tap, you are able to view almost everything from due dates to grades, specifically geared to certain work. One of the only drawbacks to the app is some class work is not accessible through mobile devices and can only be done on desktop.
Most classes average one to three assignments per week. This gives students an easier workload than something due every day of the week. Also, some classes such as Federal Government guides the students to think for themselves and are opinion-based. While taking the Vernon classes, the expectations were based on in-class students, and high school students are held to the same standard as an experienced college student. Whereas in the ASU courses, professors are aware of our skills, which are those of high school students taking college courses.
When comparing the professors from Vernon and ASU, they feel more on a personal level with us, even from far way rather than feeling isolated at Vernon. The teachers in the courses have office hours that they follow through with and understand certain situations. In addition, some of the professors send out announcements weekly or biweekly to connect with their students on past or future assignments. This allows the dual credit classes to grasp units and class work quicker with the professors wanting to help students and striving to provide us the best preparation possible for after high school and even college exams.
The transition between Vernon to ASU has made an impact on the way students are taught through dual credit because of the professors’ desire to build connections with their students and their expectations for class work. ASU is a comfortable environment, and it is easier to grow in our education.