Christmas should not be started early


Emily Shephard, Co- Editor

The two most popular holidays of the year are Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it is natural for people to want to start their favorite holiday early. Holidays should be celebrated in the order of which month they appear in.
Thanksgiving is a time for food and thankfulness, but the amount of different smells, tastes and family get togethers can be overwhelming for people. Pumpkin spice has become the most popular seasonal treat for many. This treat is exclusive to mainly the months of November and October, but this smell is relitively everywhere, and for those who have allergies, this can cause those people to sneeze constantly all day.
Combine that with retailers shoving the next holiday in your face, and it becomes an endless cycle of overwhelmed senses. It is natural for retailers too start their advertising early; however, when advertising starts to early, it makes it difficult for people to decipher what month it actually is. People go about their life by routine, but people lose track of their routine when things begin to change. Retailers are multi-million dollar companies that do not care about the average person’s daily routine, so it is not surprising that they shove every holiday in our face at once. This also makes people spend more money because they want to “prepare” for the holiday season; however, in reality it’s impulse buying.
I do understand that people enjoy celebrating the holiday season, but there is an order to everything. People get excited to celebrate what they love with their family and friends, and it is only natural for companies to want to make money off society’s spending habits; however, other people become overwhelmed, confused and exhausted by the constant onslaught of Thanksgiving and Christmas.
The month of December should be solely devoted to the celebration of Christmas, and that fact is why November is for Thanksgiving only.