Band performs Christmas concert


Devanny Muniz

At Christmas on the Square Dec. 2, Emily Anderson, Jocelyn Tedrow, Grayson Jeter, and Ty Cantrell play “Jingle Bell Rock.” The junior high and high school bands played together.

Brooke Rice, Co-Editor

With the holidays coming closer, the Prowlin’ Growlin’ Wildcat Band celebrated with Christmas on the Square Dec. 2 and an upcoming party tomorrow. Also, senior Brooke Rice competed at the Regional band contest Dec. 4 and earned first chair in the symphonic band as well as advanced to the area competition Jan. 8.
Head band director Kevin Elliston said he was prepared to move from marching season and to play at Christmas on the Square last week.
“We played a lot of Christmas songs,” Elliston said. “I always love the chance to perform, get our band name out and show the community what we can do.”
Moving into concert from receiving a first division at region marching contest, Elliston said he would like to rehearse more for the upcoming concert and sight-reading contests.
“One of our biggest strengths is getting to build on our success from marching contest and go from there,” Elliston said. “However, we always have to improve our basic core sound and understanding of rhythm and musicality because this contest is completely focused on music and not moving also.”
Assistant band director Anthony Flores said the Christmas clothes were a highlight of the concert.
“I [loved] to have everyone [in the band] dress up like a crazy Christmas,” Flores said. “Stuff like Christmas lights, ugly sweaters and garland were really fun.”
He said he enjoyed the concert and being with the band for the holidays.
“I hope that the community had a good time,” Flores said. “I was excited about it because I had never done a Christmas concert outside, so I was happy that the community came out and showed their support.”


My favorite part about the Christmas season with the [PGWB] is getting to share a special moment with the band during the holiday and being able to give joy to others when we play our music.

— Carina Olivas-Hernandez

Senior morale leader Carina Olivas-Hernandez said she is ready for the upcoming events with the band.
“We have a couple activities planned like our Christmas party, and we will be doing musical gifts also,” Olivas-Hernandez said. “We just had our Famsgiving meal in November, so I am excited for the turnout and future parties.”
She said she was really happy to have the Christmas concert after it was cancelled last year.
“My favorite part about the Christmas season with the [PGWB] is getting to share a special moment with the band during the holiday and being able to give joy to others when we play our music,” Olivas-Hernandez said.
Sophomore Brianna Howard said she is nervous about adapting to concert season.
“We are starting to get closer and not being spread out on the field,” Howard said. “It has been a struggle to adjust from marching season to concert, but the band is doing well.”
As the PGWB did not participate in Christmas on the Square last school year, freshman Cort Miller said he was happy to experience his first concert with the PGWB.
“I hoped that we would have great Christmas music, and I would get to hang out and celebrate with my friends,” Miller said. “I wasn’t nervous while rehearsing the new music, and I really liked playing ‘Polar Express,’”
Senior drum major Chance Harmon said he is looking forward to the future of the concert and sight-reading contests as the winter breaks are near.
“My goals for preparing for contest are to improve our scales to benefit the underclassmen with their skills in sight-reading,” he said. “However, currently I am looking forward to doing ‘Christmasy’ things with the band.”