COVID phobias resurface

Emily Shephard, Co-Editor

Over the past few months, new COVID-19 variants have been discovered, and with such discoveries cases have soared. It is of no surprise that the new variants spread by air; however, these new strands spread faster than COVID-19 did.
In 2020 during the start of the pandemic, the Center for Disease Control advised that all people stay inside, wear a mask and limit interaction with those who aren’t immediate family, but recently states have even taken away the ability of companies to enforce masks in their establishments. The CDC has also released new quarantine terms when one has any variant of COVID. It is stated that individuals must remain in quarantine until their test comes back negative and must wear a mask five days after testing negative. The requirement has dropped from two weeks to a measly five days. Given the fact that the new variants spread faster than the original, it is dangerous to keep someone who has been exposed isolated for only five days. A person may also be asymptomatic and spread coronavirus to someone with a weak immune system and ultimately risk his life.
With all dangers and likelihoods being presented, it holds the question why states have not shut down schools yet. There is a certain number of hours student’s must attend of school throughout the year in Texas; however, the risks of students health holds presidency over the required hours. Just a few months ago most of the student body was gone due to testing positive or being exposed to COVID-19 and its variants. Yet the school did not shut down for a week like others in the district did, and masked were not enforced either. Students may also decide not to wear a mask because they may be made fun of around the school.
During these trying times, it is important that all people understand the ramifications of ignoring an international pandemic; therefore, stop the hatred of masks and understand the sickness of the student body.