Students pleased with dual-credit off periods

Kadence Huffman, Opinions Editor

After juniors and seniors were finished with their fall semester of dual-credit classes, Principal John Sherrill made the decision to allow students to check out through the office as long as they successfully completed their course.
Students were very pleased with this privilege. As students haven’t abused this reward, it should continue to provide a rewarding break in turn for their hard work during the college semester.
To start, allowing students to be rewarded for their hard work encourages them to continue to perform well in their college classes. Providing them a break during their day toward the end of the fall semester and beginning of the spring semester gave students a breath of fresh air. Students used this time to go grab lunch or breakfast, rest or just escape the strenuous atmosphere for a few minutes and clear their head before returning to class. Overall, allowing students to leave has had positive results.
In past years, upperclassmen were allowed off periods, but now a student is required to have a certain number of minutes in school to be able to move up to the next grade or graduate, which does not allow off periods for any students. Allowing students to leave during their dual credit period after their semester is concluded has solved this issue.
Although not every dual credit student has a vehicle to leave campus, this time still provides them a break from the classroom. Not one student has complained about this privilege.
Because there have been positive responses concerning getting to check out, this reward should be utilized at the end of the year also. Sherrill’s decision should be continued.