Betty White passes at age 99 after fatal stroke in December


Candace Taggart, Features Editor

On the morning of Dec. 31, 2021, America lost its last Golden Girl. Betty White, known as Rose Nylund to many, passed just shy of her 100th birthday on Jan. 17. According to NBC Washington, White suffered a stroke six days before she died in her sleep.
While most known as the kind, gullible Rose from “The Golden Girls,” White started her career in the 1940s on various radio shows. In 1949, she appeared on television in the talk show “Hollywood on Television,” where she later became the host.
White then cofounded Bandy Productions with George Tibbles and Don Fedderson in 1952. These three went on to produce “Life With Elizabeth,” a sitcom starring White as the title role who constantly tested her husband’s patience in a Lucy Ricardo manner. The show ran until 1955 and Betty White went on to appear on several game shows.

Betty White brought a smile to the lips of generations of Americans. ”

— President Joe Biden

One of these game shows was “Password” hosted by Allen Ludden. Ludden and White were married in 1963 until he died in 1981. While they had no children together, Betty White has three stepchildren she left behind.
In 1973, White joined the “Mary Tyler Moore” show in its fourth season and became a recurring character until the show ended in 1977.
With small television or movie appearances in between her most known roles, White made a prolific career.
In 1985, “The Golden Girls” came about and America fell for the four goofy friends. The show ran until 1992.
White has 8 Emmy awards for her television performances; she was the first woman to win an Emmy for “Outstanding Host or Hostess in a Game or Audience Participation Show.”
Many tributes were made for White’s 100th birthday– several involving animal charities because of White’s passionate advocacy and love for animals throughout her career. For example, National Geographic aired a special about her animal advocacy called “Betty White Goes Wild.”
A special called “Betty White: A Celebration” aired on Jan. 17 and “Celebrating Betty White: America’s Golden Girl” aired on Jan. 31. Both present Betty White’s ground-breaking career and show appreciation to her life-long dedication to the stage.
Many celebrites also shared tributes to Betty White. Ryan Reynolds, who both starred in the romantic comedy “The Proposal” with Betty White posted on instagram that “The world looks a little different now. She [Betty White] was great at defying expectation.”
Even President Joe Biden tweeted some kind words: “Betty White brought a smile to the lips of generations of Americans.”
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