Elementary participates in fundraiser for heart health


Rebecca J. Taggart, News Editor

Pre-K – sixth participated in Jump for Heart Feb. 21 – March 25.
Jump for Heart is a fundraiser with the American Heart Association to bring awareness of heart health and to receive money for research and health education, where kids jump rope while learning.
“The AHA association provided the school with videos and information,” physical education teacher Tonya Mooney said.
The students participated through their physical education class.
“We did various types of activities with the jump rope and discussed ways to keep a healthy heart,” Mooney said.
They were able to raise around $1,200.
“I felt like it was very successful. That’s a lot of money,” Julie Castles, PE teacher, said.
The school has not done the fundraiser for several years according to Castles.
“I have two nieces who have heart issues. One has had a heart transplant, ” elementary principal Amy Huseman said. “That is why we pushed the event.”
The fundraiser was ran virtually. There is a website and an app, where students were able to share with other people.
“I was leery at first, handling everything online, but it has worked really well,” Castles said. “I didn’t have to personally handle the money.”
Sixth grader Millie Mayo participated in the fundraiser.
“It was really fun,” Mayo said. “They would change it up like just doing one foot.”
The students won different prizes for how much money they were able to raise.
“My favorite part about it was the competition,” Mayo said.

I felt like it was very successful.

— Julie Castles, Elementary PE Teacher