Sophomore discusses advantages of comfort classrooms


Jaycie Holley, Photo Editor

Comfort rooms should be made more common around our school and in schools around us.
Comfort rooms provide a therapeutic, supportive environment. It is a designated space in a safe environment, designed to help calm a student when he/she is feeling stressed, or becomes overwhelmed.
In other words, the purpose of comfort rooms is to provide relaxation, quiet time, and space away from others.
It is no secret that school can be stressful and a lot of pressure for high school students. Distress may also be caused by oneโ€™s home situation or life outside of school. This is where a comfort room can help.
A comfort room is a perfect way to help out the students who need a moment to re-center and better themselves.
Personally, there have been days during school where I just wished there was a place for me to go for a break. A break from others and too simply calm down.
If there was a room where I could get away for a couple of minutes, it wouldโ€™ve helped me in times of stress.
Being upset or stressed during school can cause you to not be able to focus in class. Not only is your mind running at super speed, but it is also not thinking about what is happening in the classroom. This will result in being behind in a class, which is definitely something no one wants, especially not the school.
A simple comfort room is very easy to construct but will be very effective in the future. The rooms just need to be in an accessible place for all students. It needs very minimal things inside; somewhere to sit, maybe a beanbag, tissues, dimmed lighting, and an โ€œIn useโ€ sign.
It may sound crazy but I, on behalf of my schoolmates, know that a room like this can/will be successful for our school.