20 UIL competitors advance to regional contest April 22-23

20 UIL competitors advance to regional contest April 22-23

Kimberly Geer, Reporter

Archer City hosted the UIL district meet on March 24. Twenty students are advancing to the regional UIL academic meet on April 22-23 at Grayson College UIL coordinator Leslie Graham said shes excited about the number of students advancing.
“It’s exciting that we have so many kids going. It’s more than I can recall ever advancing.”
Freshman Thomas Vogtsberger placed fifth in accounting.
“I was confident that it wouldn’t be too difficult. I am happy with our overall results.”
Senior Seth Deerinwater placed fifth in computer applications
“I feel like we could have done a lot better, but in the end, we tried our hardest.”
Senior John Machtolff placed second in current events.
“I participated in current events and issues. I did well, but I hope to preform better at regionals.”
Senior Sara Kyle placed first in news writing and will be advancing to regionals.
“I participated in news writing and poetry,” said Kyle “I placed first in news and second in poetry. I’m extremely happy with the results because both of the events I competed in got to advance to regionals. I was extremely confident about my performance because I have advanced in previous years.”

It’s exciting that we have so many kids going. It’s more than I can recall ever advancing.”

— Leslie Graham

Senior Chance Harmon placed first in social studies. He said he was surprised by his results in social studies.
“I placed first in social studies, which was a surprise because I knew absolutely nothing the test asked me.”
Freshman Sam Machtolff will be advancing to the regional meet with the computer science team.
“I’m really excited to be advancing to regionals, We all did our best and it really paid off.”
Accounting team coach Donette Odom, said she is pleased with the overall performance.
“I am proud of the hard work and dedication they put into learning the materials and doing well enough to place and advance to regionals,” she said
Freshman Luke Deerinwater placed fourth in accounting.
“I did good.”
Senior Prayze Pierce placed first in computer applications and will be advancing.
“I wasn’t nervous at all. I knew that I had been practicing hard and I was plenty confident in my abilities. Having someone who was experienced in that area come in and help teach us was a great utility.”
4th: Luke Deerinwater
5th: Thomas Vogtsberger
2nd place team: Archer City
6th: Maddie Lopez
Editorial Writing
1st: Kadence Huffman
3rd: Kate Godwin
4th: Brooke Rice
Feature Writing
1st: Brooke Rice
2nd: Rebecca Taggart
3rd: Candace Taggart
News Writing
1st: Sara Kyle
2nd: Candace Taggart
3rd: Rebecca Taggart
Copy Editing
1st: Kadence Huffman
5th: Cherith Meek
6th: Rebecca Taggart
1st place journalism team
Computer Applications
1st: Prayze Pierce
4th: Hunter Sims
5th Seth Deerinwater
Current Events
2nd: John Machtolff
3rd: Azar Seyidli
6th: Gunner Smith
1st place team
Social Studies
1st: Chance Harmon
1st: Camryn Cox
5th: Kelsey Aultman
1st: Emily Shephard
2nd: Sara Kyle
Persuasive Speaking
1st: Azar Seyidli
6th: Rebecca Taggart
Informative Speaking
4th: Kadence Huffman
2nd place speech team
Ready Writing
3rd: Kelsey Aultman
4th: Rebecca Taggart
5th: Candace Taggart
Computer Science
1st: Breden Hulse
6th: Robert Salyers
1st place team
Advancing regional UIL academic meet on April 22-23 at Grayson College in Denison are the following: Kelsey Aultman, Fallon Blair, Camryn Cox, Mason Gilmore, Kate Godwin, Kadence Huffman, Chance Harmon, Breden Hulse, Sara Kyle, John Machtolff, Sam Machtolff, Prayze Pierce, Brooke Rice, Robert Salyers, Azar Seyidli, Emily Shephard, Gunner Smith, Kole Stovall, Candace Taggart, Rebecca Taggart