New athletic director ‘loves’ small town life


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Starting after spring break, new athletic director Bradan Ritchey stands alongside school board president Jeannie Hilbers and Superintendent C.D. Knobloch.

Impacting students’ lives and winning.
These are two important goals for new athletic director Bradan Ritchey.
Previously working at Eaton High School in Fort Worth and starting full time after spring break, the coach said he is “loving” Archer City and all of its students.
“I like that everybody knows everybody, and as far as being an athletic director, I can really motivate and encourage students,” Ritchey said.
Coming from an athletic family and background, the director said he is ready to make an impact on “as many kids as [he] can.”
“My entire family is in education,” Ritchey said. “My dad is an athletic director; my mom is a teacher, and my brother is an athletic director.”

I would like to make an impact on as many kids as I can.

— Coach Bradan Ritchey

In Ritchey’s younger years, he won a high school football state championship as well as committed to playing college football at Angelo State University for five years.
“My experiences in athletics have really been a vehicle to everything I have done in my life,” he said. “I have been in it my whole life, and it’s all I have done.”
Adapting to the small town change, the coach said he hopes to benefit Archer City athletics with his experience and passion.
“I love the community and the athletic teams, especially football and basketball,” he said. “There are very appealing things about the program here.”
Being in the district since March 21, the athletic director said he likes the atmosphere.
“Truly, [Archer City] is a very nice school: the people and the teachers. I love those that I have gotten to meet,” Ritchey said. “The students are also very positive and are responding to the changes well.”
Looking to grow and learn as a coach and an athletic director, Ritchey said his primary goal is to help athletes.
“I hope that I can guide the students and teach them how to overcome adversity through athletics,” he said. “And of course, I want to win.”