Band prepares for spring concert


Assistant Band Director Anthony Flores

The Prowlin’ Growlin’ Wildcat band waits to perform their contest pieces at the Seymour auditorium.

The Prowlin’ Growlin’ Wildcat Band will celebrate their last public performance with their spring concert. The date was not available at press time. Fifth grade, sixth grade, JCAT bands and the PGWB are performing.
Band director Kevin Elliston said the band is prepared for the spring concert and is improving for next season.
“We are in preparation for next year as well as getting ready for the spring concert. Show music is passed out, and the band is going to work on some marching fundamentals before school lets out,” Elliston said. “Hopefully, we can better our rehearsal etiquette and keep pushing our strengths as individuals and as a band.”
Assistant band director Anthony Flores said he is hoping for the “best” for the band at the concert.
“Although we haven’t chosen our music at the moment, I expect the concert to be entertaining and show how much we have grown as an ensemble this past year,” Flores said.

I hope that we play well and the audience sees how much we have improved over the year.”

— Sophomore Brianna Howard

However, one senior, Chance Harmon is “bittersweet” about his final concert. Drum major Harmon said he is going to miss his high school years.
“I love performing, but this will be my last high school performance before college,” he said. “Although it is sad, I like being able to guide the younger students and helping them grow as band students.”
Sophomore Brianna Howard said she is optimistic for the spring concert and next year of band.
“I hope that we play well and the audience sees how much we have improved over the year,” Howard said. “I feel that we are at a good place in our playing right now and can uphold better expectations next year.”
Flores agreed and said the band has lots of strengths but also weaknesses.
“I would like to improve on the maturity of our sound, which will take more work individually than as a group,”
he said. “I would like for all band members to take the time to start working by themselves with their instrument.”
Leaving some advice, senior Tyler Foster said he wishes the underclassmen could earn even better ratings and grow more.
“I advise my classmates to be smart, be careful and be ready for anything at all times,” Foster said.