Elementary fundraiser to expect more sales

Elementary fundraiser to expect more sales

Estefani Zea, Reporter

Grades kindergarten through sixth will be holding their BIG Kahuna fundraiser September 6-20.
“The funds from the fundraiser will go back to the elementary students,” elementary co Vicky Lopez said. “The items that we will have on the fundraiser will be cookie dough and kitchen items. The fundraiser can be done on an online store.”
Lopez said that the students “enjoy” doing this fundraiser.
“This is fun for all students because they get really exited when we do this. It is mainly for the fun prizes that the fund-raiser offers to the students,“ Lopez said. “There will be many times where we see kids telling each other how many things they sold because they see it as a competition with their classmates.”
Elementary secatary Megan Franke said that with this fundraiser is one where students will go “door to door”.
“Since this year the COVID restrictions will no longer be in place, students will go out more and therefore will be able to sell more,” Franke said. “This is the biggest fundraiser we do although we have another one but not as big as the Big Kahuna fundraiser which is the most successful.”
Franke said that she is really looking forward to see how many items students will sell this year.

“Last year we had a student, fifth grader Coy Sherrill, who sold what five students would sell normally,” Franke said.

— Megan Franke

“He is my neighbor, so I would see him put x’s with chalk on people’s driveways so he would know that he sold to those people already.”
Sherrill said that it is “fun” to know where people live.
“I know it sounds weird, but I find it an enjoyable experience because you may never know who lives where.” Sherrill said.
Sherrill said that this year he plans to sell many things.
“Last year I sold 45 items. My goal this year is to sell at least 50 items,” Sherrill said.
Second grader Naveha Baugh said that she “loves” to do the fundraisers.
“Fundraising was very fun to me because I got to help out the school,” Baugh said. “I get to have fun prizes just because I sell things to people.”