Cheerleaders prepare for homecoming week


Zoey Bates

Sophomore Adelyn Harvey and juniors Abby Havens, Katelyn Casillas, and Jaycee Holley perform a stunt at the game against the Quanah Indians.

Adelyn Harvey, Sports Editor

While students are picking out mums and football players are learning new plays, the cheerleaders are working behind scenes on the homecoming parade.
“Homecoming week is the most exciting but busiest week,” Junior Katelyn Casillas said. “We start planning for homecoming two weeks before.”
Recently the cheer team got two new coaches.
“Getting a new coach is always scary,” junior Kambri David said. “We were worried about what homecoming would be like with a new coach, but it has actually been really easy.”
Planning and decoration for homecoming can be “really hard,” David said.
“The new coaches have really helped with having our themes planned out ahead of time,” David said. “ Homecoming is a long week for us cheerleaders. We have things to do every day to prepare for the parade and the big game.”
The cheer team decided to ride on a fire truck for their float this year, just like last year.
“Last year my dad got us a fire truck to ride on throughout the parade,” Havens said. “This year we decided to do the same.”
Smith said decorating the halls is a lot of hard work.
“For homecoming we try and go all out on decorations,” Smith said. “We usually go up to the school the Sunday before homecoming week and stay up there for 3-4 hours.”
They decorate the halls and gym. “Decorating is so much fun, but a lot of work,” David said.
Usually the Cheerleaders starts off planning two weeks before homecoming by deciding the week’s themes.
“We usually try to do easy but fun themes so that everyone can participate in the theme,” sophomore Brooke Smith said.
Monday’s theme was “Anything but a Backpack day”.
“This homecoming theme was very fun,” junior Abby Havens said. “It was fun to see all the creative ideas people will have.”
Tuesday’s theme was “Dress up as your Favorite Holiday.”
“This is my favorite theme,” Casillas said. “ It was so cute to see the little kids dress up.
Wednesday’s theme is “Hawaiian.”
“This theme is very easy and fun to dress up as,” Smith said.
Thursday’s theme is “Color Wars.”
“Color Wars is so much fun,” David said. “There are so many different things you can wear to coordinate with this theme. I love the class competition to see what class dresses up the best.”
Friday’s theme is “Black White and Gold.
“The best theme of them all!” Havens said. “We get to represent ourselves and show how much spirit we have for our football team.”
Thursday night before the parade the cheer team will practice.
“This is the most important practice we have of the year,” David said. “We go through the parade and decorate everything we can. This night is all about perfecting our cheers and dances for Friday.”
At the football game Friday night the little girls who went to mini cheer camp will cheer with the cheerleaders during 3rd quarter.
“The kids look forward to cheering with us all season,” Smith said. “It is awesome to see the smiles on their faces while they cheer with us.”
Havens said that homecoming week can be a challenge.
“Homecoming is the hardest week of our cheer season, but it is rewarding to see all the kids smile and cheer during the parade and at the game,” Havens said. “Homecoming is such a fun week.”