“Madden NFL 23”


Fallon Blair, Online/Entertainment Editor


“Madden NFL 23”
August 19, 2022
E (Everyone)
PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts
GRAPHICS: 4K resolution in Image Quality mode; 1440p resolution in Performance mode
SPEED: 60 fps in Image Quality mode; 120 fps in Performance mode
PLATFORMS: Playstation 4 & 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, PC
SYNOPSIS: This year’s edition of “Madden NFL” serves as a tribute to the legendary coach John Madden who passed in December 2021. EA (Electronic Arts) has gone back to basics and put more focus on the action on the field, allowing for more polish in its gameplay. Like last year, the 2023 edition also comes with a story mode along with other competitive modes.


Courtesy of youtube.com