Students discuss college preparations

Estefani Zea, Sports Editor

College preparation is a step that many high school students have to face. They take their time and consideration when it comes to arranging themselves for college. Seniors give step by step input on how they prepare for college.
β€œI think it is great for students to prepare early in life for college,” high school counselor Leslie Graham said. β€œFor sophomores and freshmen it more difficult for them. But for seniors many start preparing in their junior year in spring.”
Graham said that seniors out of all the grades in high school are the ones who have the most opportunities.
β€œSenior year is a really busy year for most students. However, it is the year when college comes to mind,” Graham said. β€œThey are the ones who can apply for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, tour colleges campuses, apply for scholarships, connect with alumni and mentors, create a dream college shortlist and even do research on potential colleges of their interest.”
Senior Sara Schroeder is in the planning stage.
β€œI plan to attend Texas State University or Texas A&M University,” Schroeder said. β€œI will choose a career depending on where I go. If I get into Texas State, I plan to do respiratory care, if I get into A&M, I will do nursing.”
Schroeder said she prepares for college by doing a variety of tasks.

β€œI have been doing research on what classes I need to take and which ones are being offered in both colleges,

— Sara Schroeder


β€œI also have been doing essays and most importantly I try to keep up with my grades, so I can have a high GPA.”
Senior Haizleigh Baugh said she plans on attending Arizona State University or University of North Texas.
β€œI applied to more colleges already, like at least seven. But Arizona and North Texas are my top options. Texas Tech was also one of my top options, but after doing more research I found that [UNT] would be more fitting for me,” Baugh said. β€œI mainly liked Arizona because I wanted to do an out-of-state college just for the fun of it.”
Baugh said she wants to do something in the music industry.
β€œI want to be a tour manager because besides the concerts which I enjoy, it also involves a lot of traveling,” Baugh said. β€œRight now I plan to do many on-campus tour visits on some colleges. I also try to do some extracurricular events for college.”
Raeli Nation, who is also a senior, said she is preparing her self for college.
β€œI study a lot to try to keep up my grades and GPA. I also do dual credit classes and extracurricular events,” Nation said. β€œI have applied so far to Vernon, Tarleton, Texas Tech, Baylor, Arizona State and Midwestern State University. I applied to these colleges to see which one has the best nursing program.”
Nation said she is pursuing a nursing career.
β€œI have a lot of empathy and always love helping people,” Nation said. β€œI think nursing is the best way to go.”