Estefani Zea, Sports Editor

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America have chosen their 2022-2023 officers.
“We have president senior Rebecca Taggart, vice president is junior Brianna Howard, supervisor of finance and fundraiser is senior Jill Liles, supervisor of projects and achievements is junior Kassidy Marin, supervisor of records is senior Iryna Hotsuliak, supervisor of public relations is senior Kelsey Aultman, supervisor of membership and attendance junior Jocelyn Watson and senior Eli Anderson as sergeant at arms.“ FCCLA sponsor Donette Odom said.
Odom said this years “Dream Team” has been chosen. The team is a combination of the finest people in our organization.
“Our president [Rebecca Taggart] has selected our Dream Team for this year,”Odom said. “The team consist of the president herself, junior Kole Stovall, who are two returning champions from last year’s FCCLA, seniors Kelsey Aultman, Candace Taggart and sophomore Sam Machtolff.”
Odom said they have started the Knowledge Bowl and Life Smarts quizzes.
“Compared to last year we started to get prepared earlier this year,” Odom said.

“I feel like we always have a successful year with my FCCLA because of the time we spend together.

— Donette Odom

Odom said they will try to go every two years to nationals.
“We will still compete, to see how well we do, but we won’t go to national leadership qualifiers.” Odom said.
Howard said with this year not advancing it will help.
“This year since we won’t try to advance we will use it to help us improve in our quizzes,” Howard said.
Howard said she has some goals of her own.
“My personal goal is to advance in the Knowledge Bowl Life Smarts quizzes, be more successful in fundraising and to partake in community service more,” Howard said.
Stovall said he felt great when he was chosen to be part of the “Dream Team.”
“I feel very appreciated to be part of the team,” Stovall said. “This year I plan to meet more often with my team and practice our quiz bowls.”
Stovall said he feels like this will be another successful year with FCCLA.
“I think we will advance and accomplish many things throughout this year,” Stovall said. “Right now I am looking forward for our Halloween party at the end of this month.”