Lending a hand to the future

FFA officers host camp for youth


Abby Havens

Sophomore Zoey Bates teaching FFA Members

Juan Alba, Reporter

The students of Future Farmers of America participated in AG Day on Oct. 18. Fifth graders from Windthorst, Archer and Holliday came to the Archer County Ag Barn.
Archer’s FFA officers and a few other volunteers helped showing the fifth graders cotton, horses, how to rope, pigs, goats, sheep, steer and dairy.
“I liked that I was able to teach all the kids and see their faces when we taught them about everything,” FFA reporter Zoey Bates said. “None of them were bored and actually seemed to enjoy it all.
FFA president Faith Morris helped show the steers.
“It was fun being able to show them the kids because they would ask us all questions,” she said. “I did get kicked though so that wasn’t as fun.
Greenhand Camp on Oct. 12.



“I liked that I was able to teach all the kids and see their faces when we taught them about everything,”

— Sophomore Zoey Bates


“It was great we got the chance to meet other Greenhands from different schools,” Freshman Adrena Denton said “We learned a lot of things throughout all the workshops.”
Freshman Talynn Lowe said that Greenhand Camp was all about leadership.
“The camp was great and had many workshops,” Lowe said. “In each workshop we played different games which involved leadership, communication and team work.”
FFA teacher Tanner Hash said that Greenhand Camp is a great place for new students to learn more information about agriculture.
“Greenhand Camp is where first-year students go to learn about leadership,” Hash said. “They played fun games and enjoyed the camp.
Freshman Isabelle Parkey said that she will be competing in Leadership Development Events in the district contest.
“I am competing in creed speaking contest where I can earn my FFA jacket,” Parkey said. “I go over my creed and make sure that inflections are correct.”
Students that are in FFA are doing competitions that include a lot of practicing.
“We have a couple of creed speakers job interviewers and some students are in AG Advocacy,” Hash said. “Students take time during and after school to prepare for all the competitions.”