Juan Alba, Reporter

Elementary is planning their annual Christmas Program starting at 9 am on December 16th in the auditorium.
Pre-K through fifth grade will be singing songs for parents and the public.
Elementary art teacher, Amy Emrick, said that the students practice in the fine art class to prepare.
“We practice during fine arts class,” Emrick said.

“I play the piano; other songs we learn with the help of the projector.”

— Amy Emrick

Amy Emrick said that she has plenty of help preparing for the Christmas Special.
“Mrs. Karen Brunker has always been a huge help when it comes to technology,” Emrick said. “My husband also helps with carrying all the big stuff.”
Fourth Grader Braylen White said he isn’t sure about preforming.
“The only thing I don’t like is standing in front of big crowds,” White said, “but it’s okay because I’m surrounded by all my friends.”
Third grader Roman Henderson said that he can’t wait to do the Christmas special this year.
“I really like the songs we sang last year,” Henderson said. “The parents really enjoyed it and so did all my friends.”
Fourth grader Breanna Lynn said that she likes celebrating Christmas by doing fun activities.
“I’ve always enjoyed doing something special for Christmas,” Lynn said. “I also always have a fun time singing with my friends.”
Emrick said the Christmas special is a time for parents to spend time with their children and talk to the staff.
“The Christmas Special is a chance for the parents to come to the school and interact with their children and the staff,” Emrick said. “Each grade will perform two songs and parents can come and listen and sing along.”
Vice Principal Jamie Krenek said students will be participating in a Polar Express Day.
“Elementary is going to be watching the Polar Express,” Krenek said. “Students will be allowed to wear pajamas.”
Sixth grader Faith Franke said she enjoys watching the movie because of the Christmas spirit it brings.
“I love the Polar Express because it’s snowy,” Franke said. “That’s what winter is all about,”
Fifth Grader Maci Casillas said that the “Polar Express” is a classic Christmas.
“I really like the movie because it brings in the Christmas spirit,” Casillas said. “I also think wearing PJs is fun.”