A very Kalcium Christmas

Students to make Christmas music


Gunner Smith

Seniors Chris Allen and Gunner Smith having fun and planning their future project(s)

Adelyn Harvey, Sports Editor

As Christmas approaches, people do various things to get into the Christmas Spirit. They do things like put up a Christmas tree, look at festive lights, decorate their house, listen to Christmas music and watch festive movies.
However, junior Gunner Smith and Chris Allen have taken a little bit of a different route and decided to make their own Christmas album.
Smith said that they have been wanting to make an album for a while now, but this year they decided to make their dream come true.
“We want to do this for our own amusement,” Allen said.
They will have many people involved in this including seniors Fallon Blair and Eli Anderson and possibly sophomore Noah Cornell.
“The primary musicians will be Chris and I of course,” Smith said.
However, they have not finished the album yet.
“Hopefully we can have it done by the end of this semester,” Smith said.
Allen thinks that this will be very fun and is a perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit.
“Just wait until y’all hear the music,” Allen said.
The type of Christmas music will not be revealed until the album comes out.
“The songs are undisclosed until the album release date,” Smith said. “We do not have a set date when it will come out.”
They have, however, decided approximately how many songs will be released.
“There will be a minimum of four songs on the playlist,” Allen said.
Cornell said that this is a very exciting project they are working on.
“I’m just ready for everyone to hear how good we are,” Cornell said.
Cornell said this will be an exciting and festive thing.
“This is going to be a fun thing,” Cornell said. “Everyone’s brain will explode when they hear our beautiful and melodious music.”
“Getting into the Christmas spirit can be a fun and entertaining thing, and it can also bring friends together,” Smith said.

Senior Gunner Smith and Chris Allen’s concept art for the album cover (Gunner Smith)